PA Insurance

Why Personal Accident Insurance ?

  • An unfortunate event can happen to anyone, anywhere & anytime.
  • Insurance policy cannot prevent the accident from happening, but the policy will protect from the financial losses that the accident may cause.
  • Though the health insurance plan covers the medical expenses, and the life insurance protects the financial stability of family, the need of personal accident insurance still exists as it helps to cover financial deficits that arise on account of accidents.
  • It covers accidental death and disabilities caused due to accident

What are the types of Personal Accident Insurance Policies available ?

  • Individual : The policy can be availed by any individual for self protection.
  • Family : Any individual can take this policy for protecting his family. It covers the individual(self), spouse (wife), parents and children Spouse and children are entitled a limited cover as per the policy.
  • Group : It can be availed by a group of employees of an organization and their dependents, members of clubs, societies and associations, etc.